26 enero 2015

Comcast donates to Internet Society to develop IXPs in Latin America


Comcast has donated an unspecified amount of funds to the Internet Society to help build out more robust broadband infrastructure in Latin America, including Paraguay and Bolivia.

The Internet Society said it would use the Comcast funding to broaden its Internet Exchange Point (IXP) initiatives in Latin America.

IXPs allow networks to interconnect directly through the exchange, instead of through one or more third-party networks. Some of the advantages of direct interconnections include lower cost and latency as well as faster transmissions and increased Internet performance.

In some developing countries, local Internet traffic is exchanged beyond the countries' borders, which adds service costs and increases latency because of a lack of connectivity between domestic networks.

"We're excited to help the Internet Society extend the IXP program to Paraguay, and help continue their good work in Bolivia and other areas," said Jason Livingood, Comcast's vice president of Internet services and Internet Society board trustee. "These impactful, highly localized IXP projects can improve the quality and economics of Internet connectivity in developing areas, as well as strengthen local expertise to manage and further develop local connectivity and other Internet services."

The funding from Comcast will be used to launch an IXP in Paraguay, support the recently launched IXP in Bolivia, as well as provide technical and networking training to improve existing IXP operations.

"As a landlocked country, the cost of Internet in Paraguay is among the highest in the region," said Ignacio Velázquez Guachire, general director for .PY. "The Internet Society understands the challenges of building an IXP, and brings proven experience, best practices, and a strong commitment to working closely with local partners. Our thanks to the Internet Society and Comcast for supporting the development of the necessary infrastructure to achieve the longtime dream of Paraguayans of having an efficient IXP that will enable faster Internet access at a lower cost."

Last year the Internet Society organized 34 training workshops, helped launch 10 new IXPs, and improved the infrastructure of 18 IXPs around the world. The Internet Society is the organizational home for the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF.)

Fuente: CED Magazine.
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